We develop custom photopolymer flexographic & pre-mounted polymer printing plates that translate into superior print quality.

3D Printing

  • At Repro Center, we believe in using the latest technologies to provide cutting edge products. We use revolutionary 3D printing technology, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), to transform digital/virtual designs with 3D modelling into real life three dimensional solid models.

    We deliver big prints with outstanding detail and spectacular surface finish with our high-resolution, detail-oriented 3D printing technology that features 250mW precision laser.

    With optimal print conditions, our 3D prints have improved print consistency. A peel mechanism and integrated heated resin system provide a reliable print process for larger, solid prints, small intricate details, less mess, and longer tank life. Level sensing ensures tank is automatically filled while printing and thus reduces time wasted for pausing for manual top ups.

    3D Printing Specifications:

    • Layer Thickness: 25–100 microns
    • Build Volume: 145×145×175 mm
    • Laser Spot Size: 140 microns

    3D Printing is ideal for a wide array of applications including rapid prototyping (creating models), molds for jewelry design, and medical applications especially for the hearing aid and dental industries.

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Photopolymer Flexographic Printing Plates

  • Photopolymer flexographic printing plates are made by both analog and digital technology from prominent producers, such as DUPONT and ESKO.

    At Repro Center, we offer our customers flexible package printing plates with thicknesses ranging from 1.14 mm to 6.35 mm going up to the maximum plate size of: 1270 mm x 2032 mm. At all stages of preparation and production of photopolymer printing plates, we use control and measuring instruments in order to ensure that all printing plates that leave our plant have zero defects.

    We are the first in the Middle East to use the Full HD Flexo from ESKO, a new process for making digital flexographic (flexo) plates which combines high resolution imaging at 4000 ppi with advanced screening technology. Full HD Flexo is a simplified digital flexographic plate and sleeve production process for high quality flexo printing. Full HD Flexo produces flexo printing plates and sleeves with more consistent and higher quality results, improved colors, ink lay-down, and image richness and contrast, as well as smooth vignettes and sharp details. It uses high resolution optics for more natural gray levels, sharper imaging of text and lines, better definition of screening dots and also increases ink density on final print.

    The overall benefits of Full HD Flexo Printing Plates include:

    • High resolution
    • Smooth vignettes that print to zero
    • Brilliance in printing
    • Full tonal range of offset and gravure
    • Higher quality improved plates
    • Consistent print
    • Can be implemented without scrapping existing equipment & working methods
    • Perfect ink laydown with the right solid density
    • Vibrant brand colors
    • Supreme platemaking consistency
    • Only fully digitally controlled platemaking workflow available
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Pre-Mounted Plates

  • We supply the corrugated converting industry with pre-mounted polymer plates on a special backing that facilitates quick make-readies at press side. We proof all pre-mounted flexo printing plates on the mounting and proofing machine, Optimount System, to serve the corrugated post-print flexo industry with high-quality plates that translate to excellent printing quality.

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